2012 Prospect Park CSA Sign-Ups Are Open!

At last sign-ups for our 2012 season are here. This year we will have a two-step sign-up process.

First, complete our sign-up form in full and submit it.

Then, wait for your invoice to be emailed to you within a couple of days of submitting the form. Once you receive your invoice, mail in your payment per the instructions ASAP. We will send you a deadline for payment receipt in your invoice. If we receive payment from you by the deadline, you will receive a confirmation of your 2012 share details.

As always, please email or call us ((347) 746-5710) if you have any questions. All details for this season’s pricing and pickup are in the form linked to above, or in the season info post on our website. NOTE: pick-up will be at the same location as last year, but we have adjusted the pick-up time to 6pm-8pm this year.

We look forward to sharing vegetables with you in the spring!


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