Meet your CSA Core Group: Marci



Name: Marci Lieber

What is your role in the Prospect Park CSA? My primary role in the CSA is managing the inbox. I also spent some time during our first season doing outreach for Plan C members.

Why did you decide to become involved with the CSA? I had been on the wait list for the Prospect Heights CSA for a couple years so as soon as I heard that someone was interested in forming a second CSA for the neighborhood I jumped right in and volunteered to help get it started. I had wanted to be a part of a CSA for obvious reasons… it’s hard to get great, fresh produce around here. The farmer’s markets are pretty pricey and this is a great way to eat delicious food at a lower cost.  It’s also great knowing that you’re supporting a nearby farm alongside a community of other people.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Prospect Park CSA? I’m a social worker who works part-time doing home studies for prospective adoptive families for a non-profit adoption agency. The rest of my time is spent caring for my son Theo and my daughter Ruby.

What’s your favorite place in our neighborhood? My favorite place in the neighborhood is probably my home! (and I do really like The Winey Neighbor).

What’s your favorite dish to make with CSA produce? My favorite dish… hmmm, I absolutely love making a salad nearly every Tuesday evening during CSA season with the delicious lettuce, radishes and tomatoes. In the fall, I love to make my famous potato leek soup.


Meet Your CSA Core Group: Anthony


Name: Anthony Mohen

What is your role in the Prospect Park CSA? I’m the Treasurer, which means I send the invoices, make sure members have paid on time, and manage our bank account. I handle most things related to registration and member accounts, so if you ever want to make changes to your share selections or ask any questions about payments I’m the one to talk to.

Why did you decide to become involved with the CSA? I had wanted to join a CSA in the Prospect Heights/Crown Heights area for several years but was always waitlisted, and Elena (who I know from volunteering with Transportation Alternatives) invited me to help her start this one. Joining a CSA always appealed to me because I like the idea of eating seasonally and learning to cook vegetables that I would otherwise overlook. I also was interested in joining the core group because it was an opportunity to meet and work with other people in the neighborhood.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Prospect Park CSA?  I work as a foreclosure prevention attorney for a nonprofit in Bed Stuy, and I also volunteer with 596 Acres and have a small law practice that serves local community groups and businesses. In my spare time I help with gardening and composting at the Roger That! garden, and spend time with my wife and our two cats and a dog.

What’s your favorite place in our neighborhood? I love walking through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, especially in the spring (which is almost here!).

What’s your favorite dish to make with CSA produce? We make a delicious pie by shredding our summer squash, mixing with egg and baking in a pan topped with melted cheese. It’s the best way to use summer squash!

Meet your CSA Core Group: Laura

Name:  Laura Scheck

What is your role in the Prospect Park CSA?  Do anything that needs to be done? I managed work shifts for the first three years and now I do whatever is needed to make sure the CSA runs smoothly, like coordinating the core group, managing our materials, members lists and distribution protocols. I’ll also be organizing events this year!

Why did you decide to become involved with the CSA?  I had been a member of other CSAs and was really excited for a new CSA to start up in our neighborhood. I believe in supporting local NY state farmers and in delicious produce. Getting involved with starting Prospect Park CSA was a great way to both make sure I got my own access to a vegetable and fruit share and to make this possible for others in our neighborhood. It has also turned into a great way for me to educate friends and family about CSAs and the importance of eating locally.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Prospect Park CSA? I am the Director of School Support for The After School Corporation (TASC), a non-profit organization that works to expand the traditional school day and year to provide more time for exciting and targeted learning opportunities for all students. The most popular programs in our schools include cooking and gardening! My best times are spent with my husband, Gabe and our very active toddler, Emory. I also love cooking, eating, wine, running, traveling, golf, and yoga.

What’s your favorite place in our neighborhood?  This is a tough one. I LOVE Prospect Heights and there are so many great options, but I think I might have to say Prospect Park…but Blue Marble is a close second.

What’s your favorite dish to make with CSA produce?  I really like transforming ingredients, especially the ones we have in massive quantities, so I make breads and other baked goods quite a bit. I also like convincing myself that these are healthy treats because they contain vegetables and fruit. Some of my favorites include carrot bread, zucchini bread, and apple cake.


Meet your CSA hosts: Troy and Susan


Name: Susan Gargiulo & Troy Hagenbart

What is your role in the Prospect Park CSA? Founders/owners of Fountain Studios [our CSA pickup site] as well as Afternoon Delivery Site Coordinators

Why did you decide to become involved with the CSA? Timing is everything!  We had simply hoped to join the Prospect Heights CSA two summers ago but unfortunately membership was full. We were told to check back as they were looking for a location to open a new CSA in the neighborhood… As luck would have it we had the space and really wanted that CSA share!

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Prospect Park CSA? Outside of running Fountain we are both artists with various day jobs.  Troy is a sculptor moving towards sound and video art.  He also does freelance art handling and construction  work at a number of Chelsea Galleries and the Guggenheim Museum.  Susan is an artist/designer focused mainly on her jewelry line, On week days she is the bookkeeper for a handful of local Bars and Restaurants.

What’s your favorite place in our neighborhood? Prospect Park.

What’s your favorite dish to make with CSA produce? Black Bean & Beet Burgers are our favorite go to recipe.  They’re a great way to use up leftover cooking greens and root vegetables. 

Meet your CSA Core Group!

One of the most rewarding aspects of participating in a CSA (besides the amazing food, of course!) is the opportunity to directly support a small organic farmer.

When you buy food at a grocery store, the farmer gets on average only 16 cents for every dollar spent, with the rest going to expenses like supply chain logistics, marketing, and grocery store operating costs. When you buy a CSA share, virtually all of the share cost goes directly to the farmer (in our case, to Ted and Jan of Windflower Farm).

The $5 admin fee that is included in your share purchase covers expenses related to running the Prospect Park CSA, such as materials, bookkeeping, and communications. This cost amounts to less than 2% of a full share’s expense, with the rest going directly to Windflower Farm.

Because our admin costs are so low, Prospect Park CSA relies on the efforts of a core group of community volunteers who work hard to keep the CSA running. Organizing a CSA takes a lot of effort, from recruiting and signing up members, to keeping track of around $60,000 in member fees, to coordinating with Windflower Farm and CSA members and running the weekly distribution site.

In anticipation of our preseason gathering/happy hour at Washington Commons on Tuesday, April 2nd  from 6 to 8 PM, we’d like to take the opportunity to use this blog to introduce our CSA core group members!

CSA 2013 Sign-up Schedule and Pricing Details

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Brooklyn today, where the Prospect Park CSA core group members are working hard to organize this year’s program.
We’re very happy to announce our 2013 sign-up schedule and pricing details!
Sign-up Schedule

  • March 18: Priority registration is open to 2012 CSA members, who will receive an email with sign-up instructions.
  • March 25: Registration instructions are emailed to the Prospect Park CSA inquiry list. If you’d like to be on this list, email us at
  • April 1: Registration is open to the public. Information will be made available on this website and on our Facebook page.

Pricing Details

In addition to the standard organic vegetable shares, we’ll be offering fruit, egg, and flower shares from Windflower Farm. Between now and June, when the season starts, we may add additional options, which we will let you know about as information comes available. Please check out our pricing page for more information about each of the shares, including detailed cost information.