Meet your CSA Core Group!

One of the most rewarding aspects of participating in a CSA (besides the amazing food, of course!) is the opportunity to directly support a small organic farmer.

When you buy food at a grocery store, the farmer gets on average only 16 cents for every dollar spent, with the rest going to expenses like supply chain logistics, marketing, and grocery store operating costs. When you buy a CSA share, virtually all of the share cost goes directly to the farmer (in our case, to Ted and Jan of Windflower Farm).

The $5 admin fee that is included in your share purchase covers expenses related to running the Prospect Park CSA, such as materials, bookkeeping, and communications. This cost amounts to less than 2% of a full share’s expense, with the rest going directly to Windflower Farm.

Because our admin costs are so low, Prospect Park CSA relies on the efforts of a core group of community volunteers who work hard to keep the CSA running. Organizing a CSA takes a lot of effort, from recruiting and signing up members, to keeping track of around $60,000 in member fees, to coordinating with Windflower Farm and CSA members and running the weekly distribution site.

In anticipation of our preseason gathering/happy hour at Washington Commons on Tuesday, April 2nd  from 6 to 8 PM, we’d like to take the opportunity to use this blog to introduce our CSA core group members!


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