Meet Your CSA Core Group: Anthony


Name: Anthony Mohen

What is your role in the Prospect Park CSA? I’m the Treasurer, which means I send the invoices, make sure members have paid on time, and manage our bank account. I handle most things related to registration and member accounts, so if you ever want to make changes to your share selections or ask any questions about payments I’m the one to talk to.

Why did you decide to become involved with the CSA? I had wanted to join a CSA in the Prospect Heights/Crown Heights area for several years but was always waitlisted, and Elena (who I know from volunteering with Transportation Alternatives) invited me to help her start this one. Joining a CSA always appealed to me because I like the idea of eating seasonally and learning to cook vegetables that I would otherwise overlook. I also was interested in joining the core group because it was an opportunity to meet and work with other people in the neighborhood.

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Prospect Park CSA?  I work as a foreclosure prevention attorney for a nonprofit in Bed Stuy, and I also volunteer with 596 Acres and have a small law practice that serves local community groups and businesses. In my spare time I help with gardening and composting at the Roger That! garden, and spend time with my wife and our two cats and a dog.

What’s your favorite place in our neighborhood? I love walking through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, especially in the spring (which is almost here!).

What’s your favorite dish to make with CSA produce? We make a delicious pie by shredding our summer squash, mixing with egg and baking in a pan topped with melted cheese. It’s the best way to use summer squash!


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