Meet Your CSA Core Group: Candace

Name: Candace Thompson

What is your role in the Prospect Park CSA? Afternoon delivery Site Coordinator and Weekly-reminder-email-sender

Why did you decide to become involved with the CSA? I used to be a Site Coordinator and Treasurer for the East Williamsburg CSA, but two years back Troy and Susan at Fountain mentioned that they were going to be hosting a new location and that the Core Group was in need of afternoon distro help. I offered to switch over and come help them out, as my schedule is pretty flexible and I always need an excuse for a good afternoon bike ride. So here I am! 

What do you do when you’re not volunteering with Prospect Park CSA? I’m a performer and video maker and I freelance in various aspects of video production.  

What’s your favorite place in our neighborhood? Well, I’m not really an expert as I still live in Bushwick, but I’ve def got my sights set on making P Heights home one of these days! You can often see me at Fountain’s art openings, the Jamaican juice bar on Washington, or at Chavelas tearing it up on some tacos. 

What’s your favorite dish to make with CSA produce? Favorite dish with CSA bounty? We don’t have AC in our loft, so we grill out almost every night in summer on our porch. We make some pretty mean grilled veggie tacos, grilled pizzas and veggie kebabs. I’m looking forward to this season. Scurvy has just about set in



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