More Logistics: Workshifts!

All 2013 members should have received an email on May 13th with sign up info for your required work shifts this season. (Full-share members have 2 shifts, half-share members just have 1).

We’ve had an overwhelming response so far! You guys are amazing— all shifts for June and July are accounted for and August and September are filling up fast. Sign up soon to make sure you get your pick of dates and times! 

Once you sign up, please mark your calendars, plan ahead, and do everything you can to keep your appointment(s).

While we hope everyone will honor their commitments, we understand that circumstances arise for which we cannot plan. If this is the case, please follow the protocol below AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

What to do if you can’t make your shift

  • Swap your Shift: Send a message to the Prospect Park CSA Google Group to see if anyone will trade shifts with you. Once you find someone to swap with you, please go to volunteer spot to make the appropriate changes to the work shift schedule so we know who to expect at each shift. 
  • Ask a Friend: If you can’t find another member with whom to swap shifts, then you should ask your partner, friend, neighbor, roommate, sister, uncle, dog walker, person picking up your share, etc. to work your shift for you. It is your responsibility.
  • Let Us Know: If, after you have attempted to swap your shift, and exhausted all other possibilities, you should email Tim at We will try our best to have your shift covered. You will then be responsible for making up your shift later in the season.

Remember: The CSA depends on your participation. Missing your shift means that you are putting a burden on other CSA members and not holding up your end of the bargain. We understand that life can be unpredictable and things come up. So please consider the time that you have committed to your workshift as an important part of your schedule and plan accordingly.

That being said, should you miss your shift entirely without trying to find coverage and/or letting us know, you will not be allowed to join this CSA in the future.


CSA 2013 Distribution Details

We are so excited for our 2013 CSA season!

Here are the pickup logistics for 2013:

Pickup dates: Starting June 11, CSA pickups will be held on Tuesdays from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at our distribution site: Fountain Studios, 604 Grand Ave., between St Marks Ave. and Bergen St.

  • If you are a full share member or a half share members assigned to an odd week distribution schedule, June 11th will be your first pickup date.
  • Even week members will begin picking up shares on Tuesday June 18th.
  • If you are a half share member, you should have received an email on May 15th with details regarding your pick up assignment.
  • Please note that fruit, flower, and egg shares are delivered weekly, so even if you are a half-share member these shares will be delivered for pick-up on weeks when you do not receive vegetables

Pickup times:  You must pick up your share between 6 and 8 PM. Distribution is run by fellow CSA member-volunteers who will close the site promptly at 8  We cannot store items or arrange for alternative pick up.

However, if you cannot make it to distribution, you do have a few options:

  • Send a designee. Make sure this person is listed on your account.
  • Use the Brooklyn Bike Armada delivery service
  • Contact your fellow members to arrange a swap.
  • If nothing else works, rest assured that your unclaimed share will be lovingly donated to our local food pantry partner.

What to bring: We do not provide grocery bags at the distribution site. Please bring your own bags, box, basket, or wheelbarrow if you prefer. 

Share duration: While our full vegetable season is 22 weeks, fruit shares run for only 20 weeks (so there will be 2 weeks fruit shares are not available) and flower shares run for only 10 weeks. Eggs run for the full 22-week season of the CSA. Please bring empty egg cartons each week to be recycled.
Keeping in touch: There are lots of ways to stay connected!
  • You will receive a weekly newsletter with the share list and news from Windflower Farm. The weekly share email will let you know whether fruit and flowers have been delivered with that week’s share.
  • Members use our CSA google group to communicate with fellow members on a variety of topics, e.g. coordinating half share pickups, swapping work slots, and sharing recipes. You can sign up for our google group by emailing
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter