CSA 2013 Distribution Details

We are so excited for our 2013 CSA season!

Here are the pickup logistics for 2013:

Pickup dates: Starting June 11, CSA pickups will be held on Tuesdays from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at our distribution site: Fountain Studios, 604 Grand Ave., between St Marks Ave. and Bergen St.

  • If you are a full share member or a half share members assigned to an odd week distribution schedule, June 11th will be your first pickup date.
  • Even week members will begin picking up shares on Tuesday June 18th.
  • If you are a half share member, you should have received an email on May 15th with details regarding your pick up assignment.
  • Please note that fruit, flower, and egg shares are delivered weekly, so even if you are a half-share member these shares will be delivered for pick-up on weeks when you do not receive vegetables

Pickup times:  You must pick up your share between 6 and 8 PM. Distribution is run by fellow CSA member-volunteers who will close the site promptly at 8  We cannot store items or arrange for alternative pick up.

However, if you cannot make it to distribution, you do have a few options:

  • Send a designee. Make sure this person is listed on your account.
  • Use the Brooklyn Bike Armada delivery service
  • Contact your fellow members to arrange a swap.
  • If nothing else works, rest assured that your unclaimed share will be lovingly donated to our local food pantry partner.

What to bring: We do not provide grocery bags at the distribution site. Please bring your own bags, box, basket, or wheelbarrow if you prefer. 

Share duration: While our full vegetable season is 22 weeks, fruit shares run for only 20 weeks (so there will be 2 weeks fruit shares are not available) and flower shares run for only 10 weeks. Eggs run for the full 22-week season of the CSA. Please bring empty egg cartons each week to be recycled.
Keeping in touch: There are lots of ways to stay connected!
  • You will receive a weekly newsletter with the share list and news from Windflower Farm. The weekly share email will let you know whether fruit and flowers have been delivered with that week’s share.
  • Members use our CSA google group to communicate with fellow members on a variety of topics, e.g. coordinating half share pickups, swapping work slots, and sharing recipes. You can sign up for our google group by emailing prospect-park-csa@googlegroups.com
  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter



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