Storage Tips: Cukes, Zukes and Squarshes

(My grandfather adds an r into words like squash and wash. I can’t for the life of me figure out why.)

The cool thing about writing this is I get to troubleshoot issues I’m having and then pass the info along. For instance, my cucumbers from last week are looking a little…. well…let’s just say they could use some veggie Levitra.

So, without further ado:
Cucumbers, like tomatoes, should not be stored in the fridge. If they are they start to get all wet and narsty. It’s actually best to keep them at room temperature, and if you absolutely must refrigerate them, do so only for 1-3 days and keep them on the top shelves of your fridge where it is less cold than at the bottom.

They also should be kept away from anything that emits ethylene such as bananas, melons and tomatoes.

Zuchinis also don’t want to be stored in the fridge, but rather at room temperature. If you must refrigerate them, they want to be placed in a perforated plastic bag and kept in the crisper bin for not more than 5 days.

Squashes, by contrast, DO want to go in the fridge. Ideally you will store them in an airtight plastic bag (most places recommend squeezing all the air out and wrapping the fruit tightly) and then storing them in the crisper bin.

It is not recommended to warsh your squarsh prior to storing them. I’m sure my Papaw would agree.