Storage Tips: Stone Fruits (& Trapping Fruit Flies)

Stone fruits include peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, apricots and cherries. Here’s some basics: You’ll know your stone fruit is ripe if it easily dents when you gently press your fingertip near the stem of the fruit. If it is hard near the stem when pressed, then it could stand to ripen just a bit more.Continue reading “Storage Tips: Stone Fruits (& Trapping Fruit Flies)”

Storage Tips: Keeping your onions in pantyhose

You heard me. Your onions, much like Tim Curry circa 1975, will look and feel their best in a pair of pantyhose. Here’s how.     Get some clean (preferably new) pantyhose or thigh highs. Place one onion in the foot and tie a knot. Put another onion in, tie another knot. Continue that process until all yourContinue reading “Storage Tips: Keeping your onions in pantyhose”