Storage Tips: Keeping your onions in pantyhose

You heard me. Your onions, much like Tim Curry circa 1975, will look and feel their best in a pair of pantyhose. Here’s how.


Inline image 1

Get some clean (preferably new) pantyhose or thigh highs. Place one onion in the foot and tie a knot. Put another onion in, tie another knot. Continue that process until all your onions are stored. Hang the pantyhose in a cool (@ 50 degrees), dark place. If you have a basement, great. If not, then maybe try hanging them in your fridge, as long as it’s not too moist.
When you want an onion, simply cut a slit in the pantyhose and remove it.


This helps them get proper air circulation and should help them last as long as 6 months!


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