Storage Tips: Stone Fruits (& Trapping Fruit Flies)

Stone fruits include peaches, nectarines, plums, pluots, apricots and cherries.

Here’s some basics:
You’ll know your stone fruit is ripe if it easily dents when you gently press your fingertip near the stem of the fruit.

If it is hard near the stem when pressed, then it could stand to ripen just a bit more. Leave them at room temperature for 1-2 days. A little sunshine will expedite the process.

Once they’re ripe they can be stored uncovered in your fridge’s crisper drawer where they’ll stay clean and dry. They can hang out there for a good 4-7 days.

Trapping Fruit Flies:
I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve got a serious fruit fly invasion going on in my home. It’s making it hard for me to keep my tomatoes out on the counter rather than in the fridge. This causes me much anguish and gnashing of teeth.

But did you know you can trap those little suckers with just some old wine, some tape, and a plastic bottle?

Here’s how:
Find a plastic bottle that has a screw top- a smaller bottle is better in my experience because it gets the hole closer to the wine, thereby more easily attracting the flies.
Chop the top off. Put a couple of inches of old wine, beer, vinegar or grape juice in the bottom part.
Turn the top part upside down so that it looks like a funnel, and then nest it inside the bottom part. Tape it off around the edges.
The concept is that the flies are attracted to the wine. They can climb down into the funnel, but can’t fly back out. So they drown in wine…. just like I probably will one day… if I’m lucky.