Thanks to everyone for a great 2019 season! Winter shares start soon, and you can sign up here until November 15. Winter shares are monthly, with pick-ups on November 23, December 14, January 11, and February 8. The winter share comes pre-packaged in a large returnable box, and includes approximately 2 lbs of organically grown greens (spinach, kale, tatsoi and Swiss chard), 8-10 lbs of storage vegetables (carrots, red and yellow onions, winter squash,  potatoes and sweet potatoes, beets, leeks, shallots, popcorn), 4-6 lbs of fruits, and a local sweet (usually honey, apple cider, or jelly). The winter share costs just $192, and you get the satisfaction of supporting the farm through the fallow months. Winter share members can also add an optional egg share, maple share (!!), and/or a la carte items from Lewis Waite.
Our regular season runs from early June through the end of October or early November. To be notified when registration opens in the spring, leave your contact info here. Online registration is closed, but there are still a few shares available. If you want one, please email Shares 2017 2019 VEGETABLE SHARE PRICING Becoming a CSA member starts with signing up for a veggie share. You can choose a full or half share:
  • Full share members pick up every week, and commit to 2 work shifts over the 22-week season.
  • Half share members pick up every other week (odd or even weeks are assigned), and commit to 1 work shift over the 22-week season.
We offer four pricing plans, based on self-reported household income. Each plan includes a $7 administrative fee that goes toward our membership in Just Food, a non-profit dedicated to food justice initiatives, as well as supplies and events. The rest of your payment goes directly to the farmers who grow your food! Pricing tiers are structured so that neighbors subsidize each others’ shares; Plans C and D (for those at lower income levels than Plans A or B) are priced below actual net cost, making healthy and sustainably grown food more accessible to the wider community. Vegetable Share Options (22-week season, full or half share)

Plan A:  $592 full share / $299 half share. (Works out to about $26 / week.) For household incomes greater than $83,000 per year.

Plan B: $523 full share / $265 half share. (Works out to about $23 / week) For household incomes of $42,000–$83,000 per year.

Plan C: $315 full share / $161 half share. (Works out to about $14 / week.) For household incomes less than $42,000 per year.

Plan D: $167 full share / $87 half share. (Works out to about $7 / week.) For households using SNAP benefits to pay for their share.

Each weekly share is around two pounds of vegetables, greens, and herbs that vary as the season progresses—usually enough to fill a standard-sized canvas tote. (Be sure to bring your own bags to pick-up!) Below are snapshots of two weekly shares—the left image from early summer (as our first tomatoes begin to arrive but before we have a glut of them!) and the right from early fall (when we start to see more root veggies, squashes, and apples). Note that the left image includes optional flower and egg shares; the right includes eggs and fruit. Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 10.09.13 AM 2019 FRUIT, FLOWER, & EGG SHARE PRICING To add fruit, flower, or egg shares, you must purchase at least a half vegetable share. These “extra” shares must be picked up every week, even if you are a half-share (every-other-week) member. Fruit and flower shares have a shorter season. Fruit share (20 weeks, every week): $158. (Works out to $7.90 / week.) A fruit share consists of organic berries and melons from Windflower Farms, plus other minimally treated (non-organic) fruits from partnering growers. This typically includes late-spring strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and raspberries; mid-summer peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots; and autumn apples, pears, and cider. Flower share (10 weeks, every week): $140. (Works out to $14.00 / week.) Organic bouquets and bunches, packed in travel-ready floral sleeves. Past offerings have included sunflowers, campanula, lilies, lisianthus, daisies, asters, mums, cockscombs (“brain flowers” as one young CSA member calls them), and more. Egg share (22 weeks, every week): 

Half-dozen: $66. (Works out to $3.00 / week.) Dozen: $132. (Works out to $6.00 / week.) Two dozen: $264. (Works out to $12.00 / week.)

Brown eggs from free-range chickens at Davis Family Farm that strut around pecking in green grass. You’ll notice the difference in the taste of the eggs. MEAT, DAIRY, GRAINS, & MORE PPkCSA members can also order à la carte from Lewis Waite Farms in Greenwich, NY. Lewis Waite offers a variety of products sourced from New England farms—meat, cheese, grains, legumes, granola, chutney, tea, mushrooms, spices, and more—delivered right to our CSA distribution site twice a month to pick up alongside your CSA share! You can check out Lewis Waite’s offerings here and create a separate account through their site; they’ll email you directly with info and order deadlines.