Spring 2018 Status Update

Happy Spring!

We’re getting ready for another amazing season of delicious produce from Windflower Farm & Co.

A couple folks have asked when sign-ups will open. The answer is: very soon. Fact is, we’re just a scosh behind because our beloved CSA site hosts, Troy and Susan at Fountain Studios, are moving to Chicago (yay them!) which means we’re working to secure a new CSA distro site (wah us).

The Core Group is already in conversation with several area bars, schools, art venues, and co-working spaces. We have some leads, but we figured we’d put it to y’all as well. Do YOU (yeah, you!) have a street-accessible studio, garage, storefront, etc. that could host CSA distro one evening a week? Or know someone who does? If so, please hit us up at info@prospectparkcsa.org and we can give you deets on what that would entail. Hosts get a free share!

Also, THANK YOU for your responses to our 2017 survey. We’re working hard to address your concerns… and of course we bask in your loving praise! We’ll be in touch about those things soon, too.

But first, look for a note with a link to our 2018 season sign-ups in the next couple weeks! And in the meantime, if you have a good lead on a space, please do let us know!