Work Shifts


Being a member of a CSA means contributing to this volunteer-run effort. COVID-19 precautions have lessened the number of work shifts necessary to run the site for the 2022 season, and we understand that some people may not feel safe doing so. However, we definitely still need help and encourage you to sign up for a shift or two when that email goes out. Please follow COVID-19 prevention guidelines when you complete your work shift on site.

By purchasing a share, CSA members typically commit to 1-2 work shifts per season. (Two shifts for full-share members; one shift for half-share members.) All work shifts are on Thursdays. A CSA core group member will be present during each shift to help address questions or concerns.

There are 2 member work shifts to choose from:

2:00–3:00 p.m.: Unload. Meet the farm truck, unload full produce bins, and set up the distro site. This shift requires heavy lifting and stairs.

5:15–7:45 p.m.: Distribution. Help to open, run, and close the distro site. Check in and assist members during pick-up. Break down and sweep the site; hand off extras to our food pantry partner. This shift requires medium lifting and stairs.

Do I have to sign up for work shifts?

In a word: YASSSSSSSS. We are a 100% volunteer-run organization. Member work shifts are mandatory. Sign up early to get your preferred time slots. Members who don’t sign up for or complete work shift(s) will be denied future CSA registration.

What if something comes up or I need to change my shift?

If a shift you signed up for is 3+ weeks away, you can log back into the work shift page to cancel it and choose an alternate date. If the shift is fewer than 3 weeks away, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to find someone to work it for you! Send your roommate, send your partner, send a Task Rabbiter (it’s super weird but it’s happened)—or swap shifts with another member through our Google Group.

DO NOT NO-SHOW ON YOUR WORK SHIFTS. It’s bad form, stressful for your fellow members, and will get you booted from the CSA. Reach out to our shift coordinator, Heather (hklein27 at gmail dot com), if you’re having trouble finding coverage.

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