Storage Tips: Tender Little Berries

Berries are delicious. They’re also fragile, fickle, little pricks. Really the best advice I can give you on this one is to eat em up, quick like. Alternately, go ahead and freeze them or turn them into a righteous compote that you can pour over everything: pancakes, ice cream, styrofoam packing peanuts, etc… But because we all like toContinue reading “Storage Tips: Tender Little Berries”

Storage Tips: Cukes, Zukes and Squarshes

(My grandfather adds an r into words like squash and wash. I can’t for the life of me figure out why.) The cool thing about writing this is I get to troubleshoot issues I’m having and then pass the info along. For instance, my cucumbers from last week are looking a little…. well…let’s just sayContinue reading “Storage Tips: Cukes, Zukes and Squarshes”

Storage Tips: Radishes, Beets, Carrots & More

Give Those Roots a Buzz Cut And no, I’m not suggesting you shave ?uestlove… What You’ll Need: Some plastic ziplock bags, a sealable tupperware, or some of those green bags they sell on TV Some paper or cloth towels. A knife or kitchen shears Radishes, Beets, Turnips, Carrots, etc… with their greens still intact Directions IContinue reading “Storage Tips: Radishes, Beets, Carrots & More”

Storage Tips: Greens

Bag them Greens, ya’ll! Fresh, early season greens totally rule… that is, until they start looking like that gross lady in the bathtub from The Shining. Here’s how you avoid that. What You’ll Need: Some plastic ziplock bags, a sealable tupperware, or some of those green bags they sell on TV…if that’s how you roll. Some paperContinue reading “Storage Tips: Greens”