Why Join a CSA?

  • Eat delicious vegetables: Enjoy organic, farm fresh produce brought to you each week! Joining a CSA is a great way to increase the quantity and variety of veggies in your diet.
  • Know where your food comes from: Our produce is grown at Windflower Farms, a small, family-owned organic farm in upstate New York. Throughout the season, you’ll get to hear directly from Farmer Ted about how the season’s going, and as members you are invited to come up to the farm for the legendary End of Season Celebration!
  • Support a small organic farmer: When you buy food at a grocery store, the farmer gets on average only 16 cents for every dollar spent, with the rest going to expenses like supply chain logistics, marketing, and grocery store operating costs. When you buy a CSA share, virtually all of the share cost goes directly to the farmer (in our case, to Ted and Jan of Windflower Farm).
  • Get to know your neighbors: Join our CSA community! Meet your neighbors picking up your share, volunteering together at the distribution site, or at one of our regular events.
  • Support sustainable agriculture: Farmer Ted and the rest of the Windflower Farm crew utilize sustainable, organic growing methods to protect the environment. Eating food that is locally grown has the additional benefit of cutting down on food miles, reducing carbon emissions used to transport food to the consumer.



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