Our CSA distributions are run by members, each of whom takes on the responsibility to work 1 or 2 workshifts each season. Half share households are responsible for 1 workshift, while full share households are responsible for 2.

Sign up for a work shift using Volunteer Spot here

Sign Up and Show Up
We understand that our members have busy schedules. In order for the CSA to run smoothly, we need you to sign-up and for workshifts that you know you can show up for. If you can’t make it, it is your responsibility to find someone who can. You can use the shift sign up website to change your shift up to 3 weeks prior. After that, you must secure another member to switch with you, or ask a friend, roommate, neighbor, or your mom! Don’t leave us hanging! Members who fail to complete required work shifts risk having to complete extra shifts and not being allowed to join our CSA in the future.

Tight Schedule? Sign Up Early

If you know that you are going to have time constraints and can only work certainshifts, we encourage you to sign up ASAP. The most preferred slots go quickly and we might not be able to accommodate your tough schedule. And you will still be required to work your shifts even if your preferred time slot is unavailable.

Early Bird Special
You’ll notice that the earlier the shift, the less time it takes. We want to encourage those of you who can take the earlier shifts to do so, because in the past those have been the hardest to consistently fill.

General Work shift Information

All work shifts will take place on Tuesdays, beginning June 7th.

Full-share members will work 2 shifts throughout the season.
Half-share members will work 1 shift.

Shift Details
There are three different work shifts that you can sign up for:

1st Shift
Meet the truck, unload and set up the site for evening distribution. Please only sign up for this shift if you come prepared and able to lift and move large heavy boxes. This is the shortest shift of all- we request one hour of your time, but usually teams are done in 30 minutes or less. Extra bonus: you can skip your gym workout!

2nd Shift
Open the CSA site for distribution, check members in and help members gather their shares. Keep everything stocked and running smoothly!

3rd Shift
Continue to check members in, keep everything stocked and moving smoothly, close the site at 8:15pm and hand off extra food to our food pantry partners.

How to Swap Work Shifts

As part of your commitment to the CSA you have to volunteer at distro at least once every season. But, it often happens that as the summer moves along folks forget, or plan a vacay, or have something suddenly come up. Here’s what you can do to ensure that you don’t leave your fellow CSA homies in the lurch.

Scenario 1: Oops. Brain fart: you signed up for a shift but can’t remember when.  Well, no stress. If you don’t know when you are scheduled, you can always check volunteer spot: and mark your calendar. Do it now!

Scenario 2: If you discover that you cannot make your shift that is scheduled for over 2 weeks away, simply log on to Volunteer Spot and remove yourself from that shift and sign up for any other available slot. Simple. No penalty. No swapping, coordinating with fellow members or roommates required!

Scenario 3: If you suddenly realize that you cannot make your shift scheduled within the next two weeks or…today- YIKES, you are responsible for finding a replacement for yourself. You could send a message to the Prospect Park CSA Google Group at to see if anyone will trade shifts with you (if you’re not on the google group, request an add here), use the shift swap feature on Volunteer Spot or Ask a Friend: your partner in life, your partner in veggie sharing, friend, neighbor, roommate, sister, uncle, dog walker, doula, spiritual advisor, etc…. to work your shift for you. It is your responsibility!


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