1. What if I can’t pick up my share?

If you are unable to pick up your share, please ask a friend, neighbor or fellow CSA member to pick up your share for you. Make sure they use the appropriate shareholder’s name to ensure the correct share is picked up. Shares cannot be held at our distribution site to be picked up at an alternative time outside of our distribution window. Rest assured that if you are unable to pick up your share, it will be donated at the end of the evening to a local food pantry.

2. If I buy a half vegetable share am I able to add fruit, eggs or flowers?

Yes, you can purchase fruit, egg, or flower shares if you have a half vegetable share, but we do not offer half shares for fruit, eggs, or flowers. So, if you have a half vegetable share and you only pick up your veggies every other week, you’d still need to come by the distribution site every week to pick up your fruit, eggs, or flowers.

3. Where do I mail my check?

All checks should be mailed to our Farmer, Ted Blomgren, at:

Windflower Farm

585 Meeting House Road

Valley Falls, NY 12185

4. What if can’t make my shift?

Read more about our workshift requirement here. The gist: if you are unable to make your shift, you will need to find a replacement to fill in for you. Our member work shifts are crucial to the function of our CSA and are a requirement of membership. You can swap a shift with a fellow CSA member through our google group listserv. Also please contact Tim, our workshift coordinator, at tim.reitzes@gmail.com as soon as possible if you are unable to find coverage. Failure to complete your required shifts results in the inability to join our CSA in the future.

5. What can I expect in my share each week?

With the CSA model there is always an element that is out of human hands. When you purchase your share you are investing in a small, organic farm that is at the hands of mother nature. The weather impacts the bounty and we risk lower yields when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Some weeks may be heavier with certain fruits and vegetables, and some may be smaller. For an idea of what to expect, browse through our share lists from last year.

6. How can I communicate with the CSA?

We will use our new Prospect Park CSA 2014 google group to communicate with you, sending you our weekly newsletters, event reminders, and other important info. Members can also use the google group to communicate with each other to swap shifts or pickup weeks. When you sign up for the CSA you will be automatically signed up for our Google group. If you would like to add another email address to the group (beyond the ones you gave us when you signed up for the CSA), visit https://groups.google.com/d/forum/prospect-park-csa-2014 and request permission to join. Send an email to the group at: prospect-park-csa-2014@googlegroups.com

Got any more questions? Drop us a line: info@prospectparkcsa.org




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